Saturday, 16 January 2010


Brownhills, April 2017


  1. If you see this one, make sure you say hello to the owner. He's Rory Maclean, a former colleague of mine, who's just recently taken early retirement from the BBC, where he was a home affairs correspondent. Sudbury moors somewhere on the southern GU.

  2. Wow. Will definitely keep a look out.

  3. I've met and chatted with the owner - a charming man, who told me he now works on London trip boats, but didn't mention the BBC connection, which I think now rings a bell with me.

    Boat was the only "Wendover Boat" of the last batch to be retained by BW, and got cut to (I think) about 40 foot, as a tug.

    A super little boat, that the owner has not "over restored", and it moors on one of the offside moorings at Seabrooke or Ivinghoe on GU, (I'm struggling to remember exactly which).