Saturday, 16 January 2010


Now in new ownership but here looking a bit sorrowful in August 2006 on the Staffs and Worcs.


  1. Barnet is now fully operational on the Northern BCN see

    Pete Harrison has already photographed all of the existing GU, FMC and many other major fleets over the last few years and also traced the fates of missing ones.
    These boats are not "town" or "large" class but in the case of the H&W variant a type "D" under GUCCCo classification. They are 7ft 0.5" wide and have a hull depth of 4ft 9".

    Most of the butty boats built by H&W exist either motorised or cut about / shortened.

    You have missed two boats from the list, Aberystwth and Bangor, these were the last boats oreered for this fleet.

    The replacement fleet was to be named after counties, although drawings exist no boats were built.

  2. Barnet also appears in this video on youtube:

  3. Hi, yes I know you now have Barnet and about the blog, and about Pete Harrison's stirling work - I'm very indebted to him for what I know of Chertsey's history. This blog is primarily a way for me to record what I've seen with my own eyes - already I'm finding photos pf boats I'd forgotten I'd seen. I only started about five years ago so I've a way to go yet.

  4. Sarah Aberystwyth is probably missing from your list of 'Town class' motor boats because I'm sure she was/is a wooden butty. As far as classes are concerned, I have said before-you would never hear a boatman refer to anything but a big/large/little/small-Woolwich/Northwich/Ricky. never mind a Type 'D'. You could just imagine the conversation between an onlooker over a canal bridge (in a 'BBC english' voice) and the captain of a passing pair. "I say my good fellow what type of craft are you operating" "I'm running a pair of type D variant boats" For me Sarah you call em what you want.

  5. Ta Blossom, I know and I've always been very careful to say that 'Town Class' is very much a post hoc classification... I do usually say 'Grand Union Large Motor Boat'!